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Companies House is a privately-held Vietnamese company registry. Our database contains every company registered in Vietnam

About us

Before entering into any major business transaction you want to be sure who you do business with. However, getting reliable information about private companies in Vietnam can be difficult.

Companies House was born from our own need to quickly acquire information about shareholders, directors, commissioners of companies we or our clients entered into negotiations.

Background checks

On potential vendors and suppliers

Investment decisions

What is the current capital structure, is the company properly registered, etc.

Know your customer (KYC)

For credit scoring

Media companies reporting

On Southeast Asian private companies

How to buy an incorporation report?

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The process of getting a report is simple:

  • Find the companies you are interested in and add them to the cart
  • the standard report gives you the current status and extended report includes all the changes to the company’s Articles of Association
  • Complete the payment
  • Our team will collect the data and send it to your email within 3 working day
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What if I can’t find a company?

The most common reason is that the company is either not registered, uses a different name or was registered very recently (before our last indexing). However, in some rare cases there might be a technical glitch that prevents the company from showing up in the search results.
Reach out to us at our Service Desk and we will try to find the company for you manually.
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Download sample reports

Leave us your email so that we can send you a sample report.
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Companies House Help Center

Search our FAQs for answers to anything you might be wondering. Feel free to explore our Help Center.
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Please get in touch our expert support team will answer all your questions.